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Download The Pardoner’s Tale in PDF – Canterbury Tales

Here’s The Pardoner’s Tale in PDF composed by Geoffrey Chaucer.  You will be able to download The Pardoner’s Tale in PDF on this page. In my last post, I revealed a link to download the Rappaccini’s Daughter book in PDF.

Geoffrey Chaucer Biography [The Pardoner’s Tale composer]

Chaucer was born in London, most likely in the very early 1340s, though the exact day and place remain unidentified. His papa and grandfather were both London vintners, and numerous previous generations had been merchants in Ipswich.

His family name is originated from the French chasseur, indicating “shoemaker.” In 1324, his daddy John Chaucer was kidnapped by an auntie in the hope of marrying the 12-year-old to her daughter in an attempt to maintain the property in Ipswich.

The auntie was put behind bars and fined ₤ 250, currently comparable to about ₤ 200,000, which suggests that the family members were monetarily secure.

John Chaucer married Agnes Copton that inherited buildings in 1349. Consisting of 24 shops in London from her uncle Hamo de Copton, which is described in a will be dated 3 April 1354 and provided in the City Hustings Roll as “moneyer,” claimed to be a moneyer at the Tower of London.

In the City Hustings Roll 110, 5, Ric II, dated June 1380, Chaucer describes himself as Galfridum Chaucer, filium Johannis Chaucer, Vinetarii, Londonie, which equates as: “Geoffrey Chaucer, child of the vintner John Chaucer, London.”


PREVIEW OF The Pardoner’s Tale PDF

In Flanders, once, there was a company
Of young companions given to folly,
Riot and gambling, brothels and taverns;
And, to the music of harps, lutes, gitterns,
They danced and played at dice both day and night.
And ate also and drank beyond their might,
Whereby they made the devil’s sacrifice
Within that devil’s temple, wicked wise,
By superfluity both vile and vain.
So damnable their oaths and so profane
That it was terrible to hear them swear;
Our Blessed Saviour’s Body did they tear;
They thought the Jews had rent Him not enough;
And each of them at others’ sins would laugh.
Then entered dancing-girls of ill repute,
Graceful and slim, and girls who peddled fruit,
Harpers and bawds and women selling cake,
Who do their office for the Devil’s sake,
To kindle and blow the fire of lechery,

You can download The Pardoner’s Tale PDF below:




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