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Download Acres Of Diamonds in PDF – Biography Of Conwell

Here Acres Of Diamonds in PDF composed by Russell H. Conwell. Russell is the main founder of the Temple University of Philadelphia. You will be able to download the Acres Of Diamonds in PDF on this page.



THOUGH Russell H. Conwell’s Acres of Diamonds have been spread all over the United States, time and care have made them more valuable, and now that they have been reset in black and white by their discoverer, they are to be laid in the hands of a multitude for their enrichment.

In the same case with these gems, there is a fascinating story of the Master Jeweler’s life-work which splendidly illustrates the ultimate unit of power by showing what one man can do in one day and what one life is worth to the world.

As his neighbor and intimate friend in Philadelphia for thirty years, I am free to say that Russell H. Conwell’s tall, manly figure stands out in the state of Pennsylvania as its first citizen and “The Big Brother” of its seven millions of

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